Niko Lasseur


A shady character pulled into working for PaxSec. Niko tends to be somewhat cheeky, not prone to take situations seriously.


He’s originally from Okavango. He has a sister from there who he doesn’t care about. He has no idea what happened to her. After being pressed into Emirate service, he escaped and found his way to Vy-Lazan where he became a slaver, working for a man named Kestro. He’s rejected that way of life when he fell in love with Emria, a young slave girl. Attempting to escape, she was killed. He’s wandered the Badlands for two cycles since that time and has grown as a person.

He wants to find a cause, fall in love, and save the world.

He’s gotten into some kind of trouble with Peace River authorities and is helping to work off his ‘community service’.

Niko Lasseur

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