Valeri McCormick

Leader of TRG Team 2


Valeri has short hair, but in a pixie like haircut that is so black, it must be dyed.

Valeri is the Captain and Team Leader of TRG Team 2, part of the Tactical Response Group of the Peace Officer Corps, headquartered on the second terrace. She leads by example and goes in the lead on every mission. She won’t lead or direct her men somewhere she thinks is too dangerous, and is an excellent tactician. She has received multiple commendations from TRG Commander Bain for her actions.

Originally from Baja, located to the south of Peace River, she found her way north after Baja was destroyed in the War of the Alliance 20 cycles ago. Her family was killed in the battle, and her childhood was filled with resistance fighting against the CEF and she hates GREL’s openly.

Valeri has seen first-hand the devastation violence brings to people’s lives, as her entire family was taken in the war. The campaign of terror spread by the BRF gives her purpose. She is determined to do everything in her power to eliminate those responsible, but would secretly rather see them killed than behind bars.

Combat Reactions
A combat specialist, Valeri can often be found in the combat hall of the POC Second Precinct, taking any challengers. She specializes in both small arms and hand to hand fighting and her size has caused a number of opponents to underestimate her.

Contacts and other info
She and Liam Mason Mason enjoyed a short relationship, and the two remain friends.


Valeri McCormick

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