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  • Fourth Terrace

    The Fourth Terrace, also known as the Prospects, lies in perpetual shadow of Peace River's storm wall. The Prospects are the gloomy home to the least skilled of the worker caste. Not surprisingly, half of all Peace Officers work in the Prospects because …

  • First Terrace

    The uppermost portion of the [[Habitat Core]], it houses the most luxurious condominiums and homes in Peace River, save for those in the Executive Tower. These homes are occupied only by those of the executive caste. Filled with beautiful walkways …

  • Second Terrace

    The Second Terrace is part of the [[Habitat Core]] where those of the management caste reside. It is comprised of moderate housing. The Peace Officer Corps HQ and the 2nd Terrace Municipal Hospital are located here.

  • Third Terrace

    The Third Terrace is part of the [[Habitat Core]] where those of the worker caste reside. It is comprised of basic housing. The [[Badlands Quarter]] is located here.

  • Executive Tower

    Rising 900 meters above the desert floor, it is the ultimate statement of the power of the executive caste and was designed to awe. The exterior is heavily armored and has significant defensive emplacements. The lower levels contain archives, vaults …

  • Habitat Core

    The Habitat Core descends in four massive semicircular terraces, from the Executive Tower to the base of the Storm Wall. Status in caste society determines where one lives: the higher the caste, the higher the terrace. Hidden in this architectural …

  • Industrial Sector

    The Industrial Sector appears to take up 2/3 of Peace River, but is in fact much larger. The Sector sinks down 2 kilometers. Only the upper levels are of human proportions. Filled with hundreds of assembly lines, forging plants, refineries, and paint …

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