Peace Officer Corps

PocThe Peace Officer Corps is the civilian police force of Peace River. As such, it sits sometimes uneasily between the Peace River Defense Force’s MP’s and PaxSec, which is charged with monitoring the POC’s internal affairs.

The POC is a tight-knit group tasked with maintaining law and order in the city and also patrolling and protecting Paxton’s industrial facilities. It’s jurisdiction ends at the Storm Wall.

Officers are drawn from all levels of society. Upon acceptance, worker recruits are elevated to management caste.

The POC is divided into six sections:

  • Office of the Marshal (Administrative)
  • Patrol Division (Patrol and Protection)
  • Criminal Intelligence Bureau (Investigation)
  • Crowd Pacification Group (Riot Control)
  • Tactical Response Group (Anti-Terrorism)
  • Special Weapons Operations Squad (Explosives, NBC, Gear Cadre)

Terri Chen is the current Marshal of the POC, and is well respected for her hands-on approach.

Peace Officer Corps

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